Weiss Architecture Studio

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MERIDIAN collection

MERIDIAN Bathroom & Spa collection, designed for DAVANI.

The MERIDIAN bath & spa collection is inspired by the meridian lines of the human body and of planet Earth. In some cultures, these meridians are pathways along which vital energy is said to flow.
Lines carved in the stone both divide and connect with the surface, creating a texture that expresses energy and calm.
Softly rounded rectangular shapes along with the curved shapes of the lower part of the elements give a sensation of peace. These forms remind us of how stone is often found in nature, carved and softened by water and etched by ice that flowed centuries ago.

Adding even more warmth and tactile elegance, wood elements complement the stone in the form of supports, accessories and the interior lining of the the cabinets. Choices and thoughtful details abound. Each piece may be realized in your choice of seven natural stones, simply honed or with the MERIDIAN texture. The vessel and pedestal sinks have a stone cover that cleverly conceals the drain. The vanities are composed of modular elements.The sink modules of the vanities have a flat top, where water flows gently towards the drain. These plane-style sinks are both refreshing and mesmerizing, like a natural spring flowing over a flat river rock.